Whipman 2018

Whipman 2018
Whipman 2018 – Adrian Jackson

Born in Berkshire then moved to Nottinghamshire when he was 7, he stayed there until he was 16. He moved to Shropshire to start his apprenticeship as a gamekeeper. After 6 years he moved to Scotland to work. He is currently head keeper and sporting manager for Southern Pentland Shooting Club. He met Fiona in 2006 and they moved from Angus to Dumfriesshire in 2008. In 2009 they moved to West Linton and have lived here ever since.

Adrian has 2 children, Adrian 18 and Megan 16. He is deeply honoured to be Whipman, he is a keen supporter of the whipman play and the tradition that goes with it. He is a social member of the West Linton golf club, and always look forward to the whipman week.

Adrian enjoys working some of their 12 dogs with his wife Fiona and Is a keen clay pigeon shot and is a member of Scotland’s oldest clay pigeon club the “Scottish gun club”.

Whipman's Lass 2018

Whipman’s Lass 2018 – Fiona Jackson

Fiona was born in Aberdeen and grew up in Stonehaven. Leaving school to work in the motor trade then moving into the oil industry. She met Adrian in 2006 working her Labrador on the estate in Angus where he was a gamekeeper on.

They moved to Dumfriesshire in 2008 then in 2009 they moved to West Linton which is now very much home to them. Fiona and Adrian even chose to get married on the hill at North Slipperfield in 2011. Training her gundogs and looking after her horse takes up all of her free time when she isn’t doing pest control in the city.

Barony Herald 2018
Barony Herald 2018 – Junior Bureqele

Junior is 12 years old and has lived in West Linton since he was 18 months old with his Mum and Dad, Nicola and Freddy. He has 1 older brother, Ryan and 3 younger siblings, Oni, Aisea and Saini. He attends West Linton Primary School. Junior enjoys a wide range of activities which include Linton Hotspurs, School Basketball and Tennis. His main passion is football.

Junior really enjoys Whipman and is excited and honoured to be chosen as Barony Herald.

Flower Girl 2018 - Lily Dow
Flower Girl 2018 – Lily Dow

Lily is 4 years old and lives on the outskirts of West Linton with her Mum, Dad and little sister Katy. She goes to Newlands & Kirkurd Nursery and can’t wait to go up to Primary School after the summer holidays.

Lily has 2 ponies and a Shetland that she loves to ride and goes to shows throughout the year and competes with them with her Mum. She also enjoys swimming, playing with her friends and dressing up as princesses. Lily is really excited about Whipman Week and being this year’s Flower Girl.

Presenting Lady 2018 - Dr. Patsy Campbell
Presenting Lady 2018 – Dr. Patsy Campbell

Patsy is a graduate of both Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University. Now a retired Senior Lecturer from the Fine Art Department (History of Art) she remains an Honorary Fellow of the University.Her specialised area of teaching was techniques and conservation of 17th-19th century Northern European Art, including Scottish art. She continues to teach students the viola da gamba twice a week in the Music Department of the University and, with help from former students, maintains her painting and conservation studio, which was transferred to Carlops on her retirement in 2006. Patsy’s main interest was student welfare. She was Director of Studies to hundreds of students and an Associate Dean for Undergraduates.
She serves as Reviewer for the government-linked Universities Quality Assessment Agency, which judges the quality of total provision at Universities and Higher Education Institutions
in England.

Patsy studied at Edinburgh University where she met Murray in 1961: they married in 1965 and moved to Langskaill in Carlops 50 years ago, in May 1968. They were both postgraduate students at Edinburgh University by then, and had suddenly became the possessors of two grand pianos which needed a larger room than they could afford to buy in Edinburgh.

Almost immediately they became involved in Church and Carlops Village Centre activities, singing with Isa Nicol in the West Linton church choir. Their first public engagement was in West Linton as joint judges of the Whipman Childrens Fancy Dress competition. Patsy became honorary caretaker of the Carlops Village Centre in 1981 on moving south along the A702 to
The Latch. Her two sons (and recently two of her three grandchildren) attended the local schools at West Linton and Peebles. The boys and family usually return from their homes in California at Christmas to meet old school friends and celebrate Hogmanay – many of their own musical activities took place in the Carlops hall.

Since all the family except Murray’s sister Kitty moved to the USA, Patsy and Murray’s main activities are musical. They were both founder members of The Edinburgh Renaissance Band, Scottish Gabrieli Ensemble, Carlops Orchestra, Peebles Orchestra, Carlops Ceilidh Band, Carlops Jazz Band, Linton Singers, Edinburgh University Viols, Early Music Forum of Scotland etc.and play in many other local groups.

Patsy’s proudest local achievement is to have reinstituted the annual Carlops Burns Supper at the Village Centre.