Whipman 2016

Gary Ross
Whipman 2016 – Gary Ross

Gary moved to Dolphinton at age 3 where he attended Dolphinton Primary School a few years later and then onto Biggar High School. In 1981 Gary was delighted to become West Linton’s Barony Herald. Gary moved to West Linton in 2001 where he lives very happily with his wife Louise and their 3 sons Thomas, and Twins Kieran and Callum.

With a keen interest in Motorsport and especially Rallying, Gary has spent a great deal of time navigating for rally drivers throughout Britain. In support of our local community, Gary spends Friday evenings coaching the West Linton Lions Rugby group. He’s also a weekly Parent Helper at the local Boy’s Brigade.

A joiner to trade, Gary joined JJ McCann of Biggar in 2008.

Louise Ross
Whipman’s Lass 2016 – Louise Ross

Originally from Penicuik, Louise attended Cuiken Primary School and then Penicuik High School. She had the honour of being Penicuik Civic Week Queen in 1980 and riding her own pony ‘Trooper’ at the start of the rideout. Louise and her brother Graeme moved to West Linton with her parents Tommy and Irene Little when they bought the Linton Hotel. Although Louise’s mum and dad are no longer with us, Louise has very many fond memories of their times together in West Linton.

Louise met Gary in 2000 and were married on Whipman Friday the 6th of June 2003. Mum to Thomas (10) and twins Kieran and Callum (9), Louise is kept very busy. Louise is well known locally regularly walking their family dog Floss and for her af nity with all animals especially her love of cats, having 6 of her own. And if that wasn’t enough to keep Louise busy she’s also an Assistant Cub Leader with the Lion Pack Cubs and works in the local Co-operative.

Barony Herald 2016 - Jack Kinghorn
Barony Herald 2016 – Jack Kinghorn

Jack is 12 years old and has lived in West Linton his whole life with his mum and dad, Hazel and Simon. He attends West Linton Primary School.

Jack loves golf and has won a number of Junior medals at West Linton GC. Jack also plays football for Linton Hotspur Colts, is a keen member of the West Linton Scouts and admires the adventurer Bear Grylls.

Jack likes mountain biking and watching his big brother, Blair play Professional Rugby. Jack really enjoys Whipman and is excited and honoured to be chosen as the Barony Herald.

Flower Girl 2016 - Ellen Allan Lord
Flower Girl 2016 – Ellen Allan Lord

Ellen is 41⁄2 and lives in Lamancha with her Mummy, Daddy and little sister Annie. She goes to the Village Nursery on Mondays and Tuesdays and to Newlands Playgroup on Wednesdays, where her favourite things are cutting, sticking, painting and playing with her friends.

Ellen loves dancing, riding her bike, standing on the swings, playing musical bumps with her little sister, trampolining, Swan Lake and plaits. In August, Ellen will start attending Newlands Primary School and she’s VERY excited. She’s delighted to be this year’s Flower Girl, as she gets to combine 3 of her favourite things – pretty dresses, flowers and being on stage!

Presenting Lady 2016 - Mrs Margaret Struthers
Presenting Lady 2016 – Mrs Margaret Struthers

Margaret’s parents came from Ayrshire to Deanfoot Farm in 1938 and that is where Margaret and her brother were brought up. She attended West Linton Primary and Peebles High Schools, and later on teaching in different places for a few years. Returning to care for her parents, she also carried on the well known Cocker Spaniel kennel and bred, exhibited and judged dogs for over 40 years, including Crufts, and made many unforgettable journeys and wonderful friends around the world to ful l these duties.

Nowadays Margaret is a volunteer in our Red Cross shop.

Always interested in history, Margaret has a great love for the Border Festivals and sends best wishes and many thanks to the Whipman Play and to all participants for 2016.